Training The Double Side Flip

I haven't done the double side flip in over 3 years, and even than it was into sand at the Santa Monica beach in California. Well I have been itching to do the trick again but on a more solid surface like grass,  not quite cement yet though. Preparing for...
my new video I am making called "Ronnie Shalvis - Urban Virtuosity" I set a goal that I would have the trick down in time for filming this video. After the Sun came out this morning drying the the melted snow residue, I knew today was the day. With new camera in hand, I took my dad out with me to capture me either live or die attempting the double side. The past month I've been practicing it on my trampoline, but anything on the trampoline is much different then jumping off a brick wall onto hard ground. Even so, when I first saw the spot that I would be doing the double side flip on 2 months ago I knew I would do it. Preceding the wall I would jump off of are 2 perpendicular precision gaps over a spiked fence, which made the whole set up for myself pretty sketchy. First off having not done the trick for 3 years, and it being my first time onto grass while worrying about carrying my moment through the 2 precision jumps before it, made me wonder how much logic would be on my side in landing this trick. Well what ever logic might have said, when I feel and know something that I can do, logic and limits are defied... I began with the climb up the wall and after a few practices with a single side flip, I went for it. With my dad set up for a sweet angle with the camera, everything was ready. The first attempt wasn't pretty, I leaped the first two walls and finally punching the last to carry my momentum into a double side flip, I begin to make it around the first flip 'this is looking good' still got one more to go. Continuing my rotation I don't quite make it around the second one and I land flat on my side... (hence the side flip)... Crap... Wait a minute... Yes! It didn't hurt!.. You have to understand from my perspective, even if I mess up a trick as long as it didn't hurt, then my confidence is even greater because I know I will only land it better the second time around. With a few more attempts and some fairly sloppy landings, finally Boom! On the fifth attempt landed the one that I envisioned in my head before I began. Wow! what a great feeling! And there you have it! With my limits defied, landed the double side flip. Tata

-Ronnie Shalvis

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  1. Ronnie you killed this one your in the Intro for Run Faster Jump Higher!!!