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  1. I watch your videos on parkour all the time and you got me into parkour. You are a huge insperation in my life and it's thanks to you that I am going to start parkour. Thanks so much.

  2. Victor Hernandez lllDecember 6, 2013 at 11:50 PM

    me too except I was already doing parkour I just needed help now im better than ever

  3. Hey ronnie shalvis.
    I am watching your videos every day.
    You have inspirated me since summer and I have learn much stunts and parkour with my friends.
    When I was a littel boy i thought how can the man do that stunt and, now i can do that stunt.
    Many guys in my class saying that you are amazing and how can he do that they told me, and I sayd that he has skills.
    I am Nicholas Alvestad from Norway the city stavanger and I am 12 years old and born 5 juli 2001.
    You are my huge insperation.
    And after all these years i have found my activity.
    Thank you Ronnie Shalvis

  4. Inhuman--keep up the good work!

  5. Thank you ronnie shalvis for many year you have inspired me to follow what I like to do even if people laugh at me and say I bet you'll never gonna do a front flip after I follow along with your tutorial videos I sure showed me friends who boss thank you ronnie. :)

  6. Hey Ronnie Shalvis,
    Bjauke Mol here.
    I live in Papua New Guinea but am from holland and live on a tiny compound with about 100 people living there. I am the only person doing parkour here and I found some awesome tutorials from you online. They really helped me progress in parkour. I have only started a month yet but thanks your great tutorials i have reached a intermediate level within a month. I had noone to learn from. Thanks Ronnie and awesome Shalvis family
    Reply to me

  7. You are my hero. I have my own channel called parkertaylorparkour. I hope to be a professional freerunner like you when I am older. Please keep posting videos and how to's you have gotten me to where I am now at parkour. Thank You to you, Reese, Ryson, and your Dad for helping me get to where I am now.