Captain America Birthday Party (Acrobatic Performance)

Last week I had a fun time working with my friend Ellis Robinson to create a superhero performance for a kid's birthday party. Normally I have done Spider-Man birthday parties because naturally, Spider-Man is very fitting to the kind of street acrobatics I do. Well apparently I was out of the loop and Spider-Man isn't 'in' anymore with the kids now days. This saddened me because Spider-Man is my favorite super hero of all time! Nevertheless a party was happening and there would be a need for an acrobatic super hero to perform, only this time around it would be Captain America... Because he's 'in'.
 I enjoy the prospect of doing acrobatics as any superhero even if it may not be my top favorite... Heck I would probably still have fun doing acrobatics dressed up as princess. (That being said, no one go requesting me for a princess birthday party unless you got the $$.)

We had a bit of stress before the party took place trying to find the costumes and making alterations to the masks to work for our style of performing. We managed to pull things together and pull off a fun performance for all the kids. (We did get photos, but I haven't been able to get a hold of the people who took them)

...The story begins on mildly warm day in mid winter at the Cancun Cafe where the excited kids; playful and noisy as any group of kids can be, sat restless as the parents strived to keep things under control while maintaining the 'fun' and 'magic' of a birthday party. Amidst the commotion of the party's endeavors, the Red Skull (one of Captain America's evil opponents), silently slipped in with a sinister plot to kidnap the children and hold them hostage so that he might set a trap for Captain America. He managed to kidnap half of the kids stowing them away in his black utility van, even convincing many of them to turn against the beloved Captain. What he didn't know was that Captain America was not far behind tracking him with his keen military senses that came from a combination of training and his enhanced human prowess. Captain showed up and so the fight commenced earlier than Red Skull had anticipated. This wasn't where his trap would be planted and he needed to make it to his warehouse with the code name 'Gym Cats'. Even being caught off guard, Red Skull managed to stand his ground as Captain leaped at him with exceptional speed in hopes of tackling him to the ground. Accurately precise punches railing from both sides, with blocks and kicks just as powerful, it created an aesthetic performance for those watching. Both opponents fully knew that this was no performance but that they were fully engaged in conquering the other, one for power, the other for justice. The Red Skull got the last kick to land in Captain's gut, providing just the time needed to swiftly jump into the van with the children and recklessly speed away. Captain unprepared for a car chase, joined the the other half of the kids hiring one of the skilled parent drivers to catch Red Skull.

Captain America fully aware that the Red Skull was setting a trap, was undeterred by his unrelenting will to save the children and his determination to stop Red Skull once and for all. A daunting half hour chase through Utah reminded  Captain of the the long anticipating moments a soldier has when he is on a war plane preparing to be deployed into the battlefield. They abruptly pulled up to the warehouse with the deceiving title "Gym Cats" and there lay Red Skull's van, but it was empty. This meant they were to late to keep the battle outside and Captain would have to go into enemy territory losing an advantage. Without any other thought Captain crept his way into the warehouse with haste. As he stealthily walked in with his guard up as any soldier would entering into a foreign urban combat situation. His eyes peered ahead as he carefully analyzed his surroundings through his peripherals, making sure to make a mental map of the path he took lest he had to abandon his infiltration and make an emergency escape...

Captain American and the Red Skull fight inside of the gymnastics gym. After a chase scene, and sweet action battle, Captain American was almost defeated when he called out for all the kids to come help him. They came alright, but they all started beating up Captain America. So I (captain america) ran around helplessly being chased by little nine year old kids and lost the battle. RIP Captain America

The kids played for sometime and then we were able to teach all the kids basic parkour and free running movements and then we proceeded to do our own demonstration of some cool free running tricks. A birthday party those kids will never forget. You know it was good when the birthday boy says to his parents "This was the best birthday party ever!"

As great as it was to be Captain America for a day, I don't think I would've lost as Spider-Man.



  1. Haha Great Stuff, although with the new Spiderman movie coming out soon, you may very well get to be spiderman again!

  2. Thanks! Yeah I'm looking forward to that movie, though based on the trailer its looking like I might have to buy a new Spider-Man costume. :P

  3. Haha yeah, I think Chris would be more suited to be Captain America. But you're a perfect Spider-Man!

  4. How does someone meet Ronnie Shalvis?

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