Salt Lake Comic Con Parkour - Marios Brother and Asssassins Creed Tricking

Last weekend I had a blast with the CBR Stunt team at Comic Con held in Salt Lake City, 30 minutes away from where I live. The local news station ABC 4 sponsored me and some of my friends attending the event. So in turn we did tricks at their booth and all around Comic Con. The first day we were there I was dressed up as Luigi to go along with the recently viral video I was in Super Mario Brothers Parkour in Real Life. The same Mario in that video Christain Russell also came with me to the event came dressed up as Mario. So it made for a perfect team. And I can't forget our fellow team member Robert bennett who was dressed as a Ninja Turtle, which works since stomping on turtles are a common theme for the Mario video games. Matt Cutler was there both days filming everything we did there. Be sure to check out the video!

The cool thing through all of this is people recognized us the as the guys from the Mario parkour video, sometimes only after we did tricks, but it was still a neat experience to be recognized by so many people that wanted to get photos with us.

The second day I came dressed as Altair from the Assassins Creed video game. The same costume and guy you can see in the Assassins Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life video on Devin Super Tramps channel. I met up that same day with Chris Romrell another member of CBR, the parkour athlete from Devin's Assassins Creed 4 meets Parkour in Real Life dressed up as the character Edward from that video. Both of us in our Assassins Creed attire went around doing awesome tricks, building the largest crowd we had had since we had been there. After a performance with a huge circle of people there was actually a line up for people to get photos with us. It was a fun experience and there will be more like this to come.

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-Ronnie Shalvis

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  1. Do you have plans to attend the Salt Lake City Comic Con this coming April?