Side Flip Tutorial

Time to talk about flips. In this tutorial I will talk about some of the basic techniques that can apply to most flips and how to learn the side flip, one of my favorite flip tricks.

In my personal experience I have found that when first learning the side flip it can be more difficult then the front flip and back flip yet safer to learn and easier to do once you master the technique...
Having said that all flips can be dangerous so take extra precautions when learning any flip tricks. Some aids to help you learn this move more safely are having some form of padding even if its just an old mattress or pile of pillows and a friend to watch you and help you when needed.

The first 3 things to understand that can apply to most basic flip tricks are:

1. Momentum - Unless standing still always use your momentum to your advantage. If utilized correctly you don't need to be able to jump that high you just need to be able to know the technique to transferring forward momentum into upward momentum. This is where blocking comes in.

2. Blocking - Like it sounds you are actually blocking/ stopping your momentum, but not stopping it completely. You are only stopping your forward momentum and turning it into upward momentum. The trick to blocking is to keep your chest up and punch the ground with your feet as you jump. Make sure you jump up and not forward

3. Set - The set is the position you go into in the air before beginning the actual tuck/rotation of the flip. Generally you jump up reaching your arms and chest to the sky.

With the side flip you apply all of these techniques while bringing your body to face sideways so that you flip that way.

Arms are great tool to help your rotation. I generally like to bring my right arm behind my head and swing it upwards while my left arm is in front of me swinging downwards and to the side.

During the set you will reach your peak height, this is the point that you want to begin the tuck and arm swing to go into the flip. If you do this part to early in the jump you won't go very high, to late and you won't make it all the way around. Timing is critical and to get the timing down just takes lots of practice.

Finally the landing. If you are landing from height it is a good idea to land with both feet together, but from flat ground you have the option to land one foot at a time which also allows you to go into combos if you so choose.

If you are still having trouble learning the side flip have your friend bend over and use them as an obstacles to roll over. This will help give you the feeling of doing a side flip and as you get use to it practice using their aid less and less until you are clearing them.

So now go out and practice safely and have fun. I will have photos soon to go along with this blog.

-Ronnie Shalvis

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  1. I commented on your video about safety mats and where to get thick ones like the ones you have leaning up against that tree in your side flip tutorial. I would like to know where to purchase one of those for better practice on flips on the ground and jumping off higher ledges for more practice. Where can I buy one of those?

  2. The ones have in the video are actually high jump pits for track and field. We were able to get them because my dad is a pole vault coach, he got them used from a College. Otherwise sorry I don't know where else you could get them.

  3. Im confused on blocking what do u mean by it can u give me tips or tell me how you do it or give me tips on how to do it

    1. The block is a simulated curb. When you hit a curb on a skateboard, the lower part of your body stops, but because of momentum, your upper body continues to move. The idea is to stop your feet but keep you head moving while getting height. This gives you the needed rotation.

  4. A leaf pile is a good way to get some padding for a flip.

  5. please do a tutorial on backflip!

  6. I'm really scared on doing the side flips can u give me some tips on how not to be scared?