AC Parkour Tutorial: Safety Vaults

To Vault: "to leap with the hands supported by something, as by horizontal pole." - dictionary

Vaulting is one of the most popular moves when it comes to parkour. It is one of the most basic methods in overcoming an obstacle, especially lower waist height obstacles. So the first vault I would like to teach is the safety vault, for its simplicity and 'safety' in learning.

Be sure to watch the video:

There are so many vaults to choose from why start with the safety vaults? Besides their inherent “Safety” they can be applied to most of the common vaults that take place in parkour. Its actually pretty simple!...

First find a sturdy object that is waist high. (Hand rail, ledge, box, car)
Then place one hand on the object, starting with your strong hand, but its good to learn it on both sides.


Next place the opposite foot on the object to use for support. It also helps prevent tripping or clipping your feet when learning vaults.


Finally, the leg still standing on the ground you are going to bring through in between your hand and foot on the rail.

Practice it slowly at first, and then over time as you feel more comfortable with it you can start increasing your speed. Eventually you can be leaping from a distance away from the object and still use this move to successfully clear the obstacle.

-Ronnie Shalvis



  1. This looks so simple yet seems so hard in my head, I know because the roll looks only a little bit harder than this but feeling even a little pain means you're doing it wrong :(

  2. Please Keep Going with this It's Really Really Motivating!

  3. Thank you so much for the tips.I've just started working on the rolls (I'm afraid not to trip in doing vaults).You've said that you've trained 7years to get at this level,but when you started did you have any gymnastics pre-training? I mean do you think that someone that didn't shine(and when I say didn't shine I mean outright sucked) in gymnastics could reach a level similar to yours through hard work and determination?

    Thanks again.(Also,when's the next video coming up?:) )

  4. I've consistently found your tutorials, coupled with this VERY helpful blog, to be essential to my personal training. There are LITERALLY no gymnasiums or instructors in my area, so I had to scour the internet endlessly until I found you! I love how in depth you are and how you talk about how it will apply with the rest of the training. I've actually been working on the roll, wall jump, and vault this week and I've found that even when I trip nowadays, I roll to catch myself!

    I really appreciate all you do and all the work you put into your blog and your videos, thank you. :]<3

  5. A big thanks to you! About two months ago I found your tutorial about safety rolls, I kinda practiced rolls on the hard floor in my room, backwards and forwards, from straight up rolls also, didn't use them yet, because I'm a beginner in this whole thing, and it's winter - don't want to break anything jumping .. but I slipped "running" just a few days ago, and it seems "training" did help because I automatically rolled forward, keeping my head down, and I didn't smash my face to the ground, instead, I found myself lying on my back, and nothing did ache me, it was so clean that I was surprised - made me realise it really is worth a while to practice all you've shown here.

    Big thanks, gratitude and sir, I envy your work, keep it like that :)!

  6. I need a little help with the monkey vault. When I jump with my hands on the object then my feet always hits the object, sometimes I get myself to stand on it but I can't jump over it. Maybe poor flexibility is the problem, does this happened to any of you or have you got any tips?
    Please contact me:

  7. Safety vault was the first vault I learned. Great job explaining it.

    Do you have any tips on a double kong though?

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